QsynQ Mixed Methods Consulting



QsynQ Consulting is designed for people who understand that while numbers and statistics capture important data, human beings are motivated to action by the stories we tell ourselves and others.

Qualitative research methods such as interviews, focus groups and on-site field studies play a critical role in providing a complete picture. Mixed method approaches combine subjective and objective data, resulting in comprehensive analysis. While numbers provide the what, language provides the why. With expertise in medical clinical and behavioral health based research, QsynQ Consulting can assist you in all aspects of your project, including:

  • Funding proposal development
  • Project planning and design
  • Identifying appropriate research methods
  • Methods integration with biostatisticians
  • IRB submissions
  • Designing evaluation protocols
  • Data collection
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Client report and presentation preparation

With almost 20 years of experience, including teaching, writing, consulting, program planning, evaluation and fund development in various environments, the QsynQ principal researcher can help develop a fundable, successful and sustainable health oriented project, program or field study.


Ellen J. Salkeld

Ellen J. Salkeld, Principal Researcher

QsynQ Consulting grew out of a desire to harness the in-depth knowledge gained from a health focused education in public health, medical anthropology and clinical research, and nearly twenty years of practical experience in writing, qualitative research, program evaluation, project management and grants management. My exposure to many aspects of the health research and funding world, combined with my passion for project design and writing, inspired the creation of QsynQ Consulting to provide assistance to those who need a little extra talent at any stage of project design, implementation or final reporting. QsynQ will work with you to determine your needs, and how we and our affiliated consultants (e.g. quantitative experts) can be of service.


For those projects that require a strong quantitative component, we collaborate with Washington DC based Intellexys. With expertise developed through economic and macroeconomic project development and data analysis, staff at Intellexys are well equipped to provide services to strengthen projects from development through final product delivery. Quantitative strategies combined with qualitative approaches produce mixed methods project designs that are increasingly recognized as inherently valuable when a wholistic approach is warranted.

Proposal Preparation

When funding season rolls around, sometimes there are more opportunities than time. With experience in securing federal and quasi-federal agency funding, private foundation support and industry sponsorship, QsynQ can assist. Services include literature review, needs assessment, feasibility studies, IRB document preparation and other background research and writing support you may need to meet funding deadlines

Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research

Providing deep experience in qualitative and mixed methods research design and execution, QsynQ can round out your project research needs. Expertise includes interviews, focus groups, on-site field work and survey development and execution. Mixed methods combine qualitative methodology with quantitative primary and secondary research to deliver a complete picture of your topic of investigation.

Data Analysis

A true benefit from qualitative research is derived from concentrated effort and rigorous application of tools and techniques. QsynQ offers in-depth experience with a broad range of qualitative analytical approaches and expert level use of current technology to deliver accurate results. Whether you require high level analysis or a comprehensive investigation, QsynQ can provide the level of analysis that fits your needs.

Project Evaluation

Functional evaluation reports are initiated in conjunction with early project development. Evaluation as after thought leads to less than useful results for your project or your funder. QsynQ can assist with designing solid formative and outcome evaluation strategies and metrics for your project, along with achievable milestones and deliverables. Many funders are interested in project sustainability, and robust evaluation can establish the best strategy towards a successful and viable project or program.

Report Preparation

Final reports, white papers, manuscripts or simple report presentations are critical to maintain funding, delivering contractual items to clients, or publicity for your program. Based on broad experience in report preparation for a variety of target audiences, our services include customized preparation of data driven reports complete with data illustration, explanatory narrative and appropriate visual formatting

Aplastic Anemia and MDS International Foundation

The Aplastic Anemia and MDS International Foundation engaged Qsynq to perform tool development, data collection, data analysis and manuscript preparation in an IRB approved study with patients and physicians on the topic of treatment choice. The Transfusion Dependence Study engages a mixed method design to examine treatment choices faced by patients with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS). Patients with this bone marrow disease often have limited treatment choices, but at times are able to choose between blood transfusions, which are considered ‘supportive care’, and other therapies including medication or bone marrow transplants.